Excellent results and the top professional team make de Broglio Attorneys the best choice for you.  Contact us at 011 4464200 or via e-mail.

We are able to offer you professional and cost effective service in a few, select areas of law including personal injury matters such as medical negligence cases and Road Accident Fund claims.   

We are proud of the professional services we render and our use of technology in attending to your matter, and you can find more information about the fields of law in which we can assist you, and more reading material on this site.  The site will be regularly updated with many of Michael's articles written by him for various legal publications for attorneys and other publications on subjects such as divorce and maintenance and Court practice as well as case studies you can read below.

Personal injury or Road Accident Fund claim queries can be addressed to Lucretia or David at (011) 446-4200.

We are based at 127 Jan Smuts Avenue, Parkwood, Johannesburg and our office hours are from 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Latest Articles

  Michael de Broglio
Michael was previously, for 10 years, a councillor of the Law Society of the Northern Provinces and a National Director of the Racing Association. He is a past Chairperson of the Gauteng Law Council and of the Johannesburg Attorneys Association.
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Exciting News! de Broglio Inc are Opening a Pretoria Office!
We're excited to announce that we've opened a Pretoria Office, based in Brooklyn, Pretoria. The new offices were opened on 5 May 2014.    ...more>>

Latest News
Head injury case settled in the North Gauteng High Court for the amount of R2, 108, 847.00
Wednesday   25-Feb-15
The best in the country, if not in the whole continent.
These are the words spoken by one of de Broglio Incýs clients when his case against the Road Accident Fund was settled for a staggering R2, 108, 847.00 after he had been injured in a motor vehicle accident. He was ecstatic with their service and the settlement. He, like many others, chose to employ de Broglio Inc to represent him in his RAF claim and benefited by having the best legal team on his side  ...more>>
Speedy Substantial Settlement of R3, 555, 585.00
Monday   09-Feb-15
De Broglio Inc are familiar with the tragic stories of their clients who have been involved in motor vehicle accidents and employ their services to make a claim against the Road Accident Fund. de Broglio Inc are experts in suing the RAF and turning tragedies into success stories. In this story, they won their case against the RAF and settled the claim for a wonderful R3, 555, 585.00.  ...more>>

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